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From young and established leaders to be pioneers of creative change, Andy provides solutions to mental health challenges and encourages personal and cultural change.


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Feeling Lost and Finding Your Way is an inspirational memoir to raise awareness for mental health and to help creative graduates navigate uncertain times when finishing college and University. With a Foreword by Andy’s Mum, the book is brave, uplifting and reads like an inciting novel.

“Your honesty and bravery will open people’s hearts”. –Jakub. G

“Truly Amazing. It will speak to so many people.” –Charlotte. P

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Extracts from Andy's personal Blog – a place for his muses


He’s authentic, passionate and wholly connected. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He is a truly incredible person!”
–Katie. GC, Wellington Leadership Institute

“You've created something truly important, impactful and soulful. It was such an inspiration to be part of it last week, and you set the tone for that space through your presence and courage!" –Eugene Hughes, CEO of ArtGym

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